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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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imagine where it will take you. clean-up continues this morning after that wild weekend storm. heavy downpours and high winds, trees are down across the bay area. we are live with the damage and the weather warning is still in place. and it was another heated debate this time for the democrats. >> some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> in minutes, our local
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political analyst joins us with how the campaign is shaping up for both sides. later some major banks want to use your cell phone to track you. why it could actually be a good thing. "mornings on 2" "the 9" starts now. >> yes, the bengals! yes! we look across the south bay. >> this is a soundtrack from my youth. i tell these guys, you will love my musical selection. >> i love that. that reminds me of that movie, robert downey junior. >> once again, he is talking about a movie. >> i like that song. the bengals. yeah. nice one, gasia. >> thank you. on this monday morning great to have the three of us back together. >> did you have three cups of coffee, or something? >> no, i love the bengals. i did have a long weekend.
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we are thankful for you for joining us. let's bring in meteorologist steve paulson who is going to take a good look at what's happening now and this weekend. >> this weekend and beyond, you guys, there is signs of rain to about the 21st, 22nd. we don't get too far ahead of ourselves. it looks like an active march. 2-4 inches of rain for some. we are way ahead of where we should be on an average monthly rainfall for march. about 3.5 for san francisco. boulder creek, that's at the boulder creek country club over the weekend, 11.25 inches of rain. ben lohman says, ah, we just missed. 11.20. cobb mountain and lake county 9 inches of rain. around the valley fire burn i can't remember 5 to 9 inches of rain. cazadero, russian river, 7.25. la honda and skyline 5. oakmont
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highway 12, 4.0. santa cruz mountains wins. in the hills of san rafael over 6 inches of rain. half moon bay 4.66. pleasanton 3.75. and marsh creek road clayton 3.35. the low is moving south and starting to accelerate. as it does, it will take the moisture with it rapidly. most is offshore yet. there is a lineae long the san mateo-santa cruz coast. look at that. that's pocket of heavy rain right there. stretching from south san francisco, san mateo, woodside, portola video valley, half moon bay, look at that on the coast there, san mateo, santa cruz coast. santa cruz. santa cruz mountains in line for thunderstorms. rain watch how it's diving south. we will start to see some -- an end to the rain here. but there is some holding on for the morning hours. finally, look at southern california going through san diego. kaboom. that's a big line of
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thunderstorms there. and in the sierra nevada it is snow, which is fantastic. so quiet a weekend and also a monday morning. we will have more on the way. we will talk about that. what could be a better set-up for the north bay, you guys, by wednesday. >> okay. thank you very much. questions this morning on twitter is what do you think of the rain? do you love it? do you hate it? for years we spent our time saying we need the rain, we wish we had the rain. now that we are getting so much of it, some people are cranky. >> i am embracing it. >> i like the rain. you know, at least we don't have to keep hearing about we are in trouble. >> right, right, right, right. use that hashtag #ktvu the 9. >> we got in an argument over cereal because today is international cereal day. >> frosted flakes. >> i don't think fruit loops are okay. >> janice dickinson has been keeping an eye on a the roadways this morning for us.
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>> right. she is on the san mateo county coastline show us what it looks like now. >> we have been driving through san mateo county looking for any rain related problems. the rain has stopped right now and we ended up here just along highway 101 at pescadero state beach. we have seen after the storm what it looks like. the waves are crashing against the rocks. now, not too far away from where we are, a mile up the road, it is completely flooded. now, take a look at this. this is pescadero creek road where the creek has just spilled over the road. it's now rushing over it. this happened yesterday at noon. but we took these pictures just in the last couple of hours. cars got stuck in it yesterday and the fire department had to help pull people out. the road is now barricaded, but we have seen trucks and suvs go through it this morning. it's still something authorities don't want people to do. we spoke with a local man who says he bought his truck specifically for situations like
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this. >> it always happens. just a little bit of rain now, it gets like this in a couple of hours, you know. before, i mean i just remember, i grew up here, and it used to take a couple days for it to get this bad. now in a couple hours you get -- it gets like that, you know, and they just -- >> here is a picture of the san mateo fire department tweeting of a truck that got stuck and partially submerged in water. this was on highway 92 and highway 101. the rain saturated the ground so much overnight several trees fell on highway 92. the latest happened at 2 a.m. near klein boulevard. caltrans crews brought in heavy equipment to chop it up and they were able to get the road clear or the morning commute. reporting from pescadero, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2. in san francisco a pine tree crashes into an apartment building. the tree didn't cause too much damage. it was one of many trees that fell across the bay area over the weekend. >> you can hear the car alarm going off in that one.
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in richmond strong winds uprooted two cypress trees. one left a hole big enough in the ground for one of our officers to get into. >> in alpharetta lafayette a tree fell and left neighbors without power. pg&e crews worked to restore service to the area. >> the storms bringing dangerous conditions to the coast today. national weather service says we could see waves up to 19 feet. that means beachgoers and swimmers could keep an eye out for rip currents and sneaker waves. this is new video from pescadero beach this morning. there is a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. time is now 9:07. and here's a live look at the conditions? the sierra this morning. just after -- hours after an intense winter storm moved through that area, in fact blizzard conditions reported by
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chp over interstate 80 a while ago, here is a live look at squaw valley, alpine meadows. >> let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. that is what people are saying in the sierra as the storm moves through. >> brian flores is joining us with a little bit more on this late winter blast. >> we talked to kevin cooper. coop. what's his phrase? >> stoke level. you bet. it's rising for everyone in tahoe with the businesses as well as the resorts. it is a bit challenging to drive in, as salei alluded to. the there are chain roles for interstate 80 headed to the northside. highway 50 on the south side if you are headed out there to morning, there is still a winter storm warning in effect until about four this afternoon. over the weekend we saw dozens of spin-outs and accidents. chain controls, plow patrols could only do so much.
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this late season snow is making for an economic boost for the resorts, restaurants and hotels. perhaps one for the record books. >> we had our christmas. great snow before christmas. in fact, christmas day or christmas eve 24 inches of powder. we had our martin luther king weekend open roads, fresh snow. enjoying over the president's weekend clear and warm temperatures like spring. now going into march more snow coming to the area. it's gonna set up a fantastic spring skiing. >> love hearing from coop. he says it's setting up for an economic boom for the mom and pop shops to the resorts. this season could last at least until late margin, into april. to put this in perspective, guys, take for example sugar bowl. i just checked. ski conditions this morning 20 new inches of new snow at the base level. this time last year they were talking about closing.
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>> forget about the skiing. this means good for the snowpack that's going to melt in the reservoirs. that's good for us in the bay area, too. >> absolutely. >> this is what it's supposed to be like. >> right. >> this is normal around here, from what i remember [ laughter ] >> what do you know about that, mibach? instagram, take a look at what popped up on our ktvu instagram page. a rainbow at pescadero beach. a double rainbow. take a good look on the top right-hand corner. you see the faintest suggestion of a rainbow above the mainland to the center. we do hope you follow us. ktvu 2 is the place to go. coming up on "mornings on 2" "the 9", the finding that some muni buses can't make it up steep hills has caused a stir. now muni officials are
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defending those findings. punches at each other over the weekend. brian solo will join us with what the super saturday results mean for the race for the white house.
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the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ following breaking news in the east bay. that's where highway patrol is at the scene anderson varejao hit-and-run accident that involves a child. this is car involved. these are live pictures here from the scene. you see that there is police tape up to keep people away from what is a very intense situation. the child we know was rushed to the hospital. we're trying to figure out how old the child was, was it a little boy, a little girl. the driver left the car at the scene. we understand he was last seen
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running away. this scene happening a few blocks way from marshall elementary school. now at this point we don't know if the child is elementary school age. we are working to find that information. but a very intense police investigation. we will get you new developments as soon as we get them here. you and i and mike were talking about the fact that any hit-and-run is terrible. when it involves a child, perhaps s'more. >> yeah. we will let you know more information as soon as it comes? the democratic candidates faced off last night in flint, michigan. they called for the governor resign. >> i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> i agree. the governor should resign or be recalled. >> and while the two greed on flint's water crisis, the candidates did trade some harsh
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words about the economy. >> he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big difference. >> well, if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> there you go. the latest polls show hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over senator sanders in tomorrow's michigan primary. >> as for the republicans, florida senator marin declared victory in yesterday's puerto rico primary putting 23 delegates in his column. florida goes to the polls march 15. his victory in puerto rico could resonate with voters this florida where an estimated one million puerto ricans live. >> in an open primary where anyone can vote, not just republicans, democrats and independence, i got over 70% of the vote. not because i became less conservative. but because i took our
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conservative principles to people who are living the way i grew up. >> rubio is running a distant third in the race for delegates. after winning kentucky and louisiana on saturday, donald trump has 384 delegates. ted cruz took kansas and maine bringing his total to 300. rubio has half that amount. john kasich just has 37 delegates. >> let's bring in our political analyst. brian, the difference in tone from what we saw yesterday compared to the most recent republican debate. yeah. >> wasn't it refreshing really to listen to the debate last evening and hear these two candidates talking about issues and had a lot of substance to it. >> not about their hand size. >> hand size and all the other stuff that went on. it's just a marked difference between the two debates. you wait for the republicans who have gone through 11 debates now to actually rise to that kind of level of discourse. >> i think it did get heated at times. >> yeah. >> and as senator sanders definitely brought in -- i feel like sometimes he has more
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definitive answers to the questions. yes, i'm for this. whereas hillary clinton, well, let's look at the bigger picture every now and then. >> she is doing the same things. bernie sanders says what's on his mind. it's really refreshing. but his command of the facts. his command of history. he knows how often he will reflect on something he voted on years before. but his recollection is really, really acute. >> real quick follow-up to that. michigan, mississippi, idaho, high tomorrow. is it a make or break tomorrow and not march 15 for senator sand centers. >> no. he's got plenty of money. if he does well tomorrow, perhaps. he is going to march ahead and probably march ahead anyway. he has take on his message to the convention and he wants to be a force there even if he doesn't get the nomination. >> what's going to happen with the republicans? are they going to try the hardest not to have trump as the nominee and can they pull it off? >> we are seeing a move now by
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cruz that's fairly impressive. he had a good weekend. we will see what happens in michigan, hawaii, other places. he is not terribly far behind in the delegate count at this point. we never know. >> let's talk about the democratic debate and focus an what bernie sanders said if you never lived in ghetto. a lot of people upset. talk about the fact that neither of them seem comfortable talking about race. >> yes. i mean, first of all, hillary clinton, while she has a history of working in the urban communities and that sort of thing still didn't look very comfortable talking about it. and bernie sanders, i think he reflects on growing up poor and marching in the civil rights movement and being arrested, which he pointed out, is also uncomfortable. it's a tough subject for two white negotiation older. one woman, one man.
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to identify with the black community. the black inner city community. >> how long does bernie continue this? is he going to stay to june or beyond that? once he gets out, hillary clinton can move to the center and start thwarting the general electorate. >> i don't see bernie going anywhere. he is leading a movement that is a attracting, sal, young people. middle-aged people. older people. you know, if you listen to the kind of the political environment across this country, you see he is resonating with a lot of people. >> what about donald trump over the weekend? he had the backing of maine's governor. he lost maine. i am curious about your thoughts on the effect of mitt romney's speech last week? is that why we saw a split over the weekend and the delegate count as close as it is? >> i think people are waking up to what does a trump nomination mean. and for a lot of republicans, nominating trump means hillary
9:20 am
clinton is the president of the united states. >> did that speech work? >> to some extent. it's been mixed as to how effective it was. but i think had it been somebody else other than romney, who did not do well, it might have had even greater resonance. >> who could that be though? >> you know, some parties -- it doesn't come to mind at moment. maybe a bush. somebody else like that. >> oh, okay. >> former president saying, hey, i am really disturbed. when you talk about the last number any of the republican party coming out and being that harsh, it was remarkable. unprecedented really when you think about it. >> yeah. all right. brian sobel, thanks very much. >> and we have our continuing election coverage right there whenever you want it at all right. straight ahead, muni officials depending their new fleet of buses after tests show they are having a little bit of troubles with the hills in san francisco. the director of transportation says the new electric buses
9:21 am
weren't meant for steep hills but they passed tests and, quote, perform as they should. this comes after the san francisco examiner revealed that buses did not meet internal acceleration requirements on hills. the muni says that was an internal wish list. they also posted photos of the $1.1 million buses on the hilly six par nasis line. muni says it was a test and the buses will be used on flatter routes. still to come on "mornings on 2: the 9", the hunt is on four for four men. what police in the north bay are looking for this morning. an update to the knife found on the former estate of o.j. simpson. hear the explanation from the retired police officer who found the knife.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. go on take the money and run. >> a wyche peek at the dow jones. up by one-third of one percent at this point.
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s&p and nasdaq flat. we are following some of the top stories around the bay area. let's go to dave clark. >> all right, sal, thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following for you. police in petaluma hope surveillance video helps them find four men who robbed a gun store in a very brazen burglary. look at this. this happened saturday morning. they crashed a 1990s honda accord into independence armory on lakeville street. this is about 7:30 in the morning. surveillance cameras caught the thieves stealing several guns before they escaped. the getaway car described as mostly light green. it had a white driver's side door. well, this morning in san francisco testimony continues in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the parents of alex nieto, killed by san francisco police in march of 2014. the four police officers who shot and killed nieto testified last week they were forced to shoot him when he pulled out a weapon and they feared for their lives. the weapon turned out to be a stun gun. a witness to the shooting
9:25 am
testified the police did not nieto before they opened fire. that contradicts the officers' testimony. two san francisco sheriff's deputies and a former deputy are due in court today after being accused of forcing jail inmates to fight each other. former deputy scott new is facing several felony charges. inmates say he told them they had to fight each other or he would handcuff, mace, or tase them. deputy eugene jones is also facing felony charges. he is now on unpaid leave. and deputy clifford chiba is facing misdemeanor charges. those are just a couple of your morning headlines. hey, mike, back to you. >> dave, thank you very much. >> we are finding out more information about a knife that was reportedly found at o.j. simpson's estate years ago and handed over to a police officer. a lawyer for the retired officer who kept the knife said the officer tried to turn it in, but the l.a. police department had no interest in it. the knife was apparently found
9:26 am
by a construction worker in '98 when the home was being torn down. simpson waits acquitted of the stabbing deaths of nicole brown simpson and ron good man and could not be tried again. >> now that police officer says that no one wanted it, but as harvey levin told us on friday, the police department is very, very upset with this officer because they feel that this has made them look really bad. >> i keep thinking about the construction crews there not only during the razing of the property. could it have been one of their knives? >> regardless, whenever you find, anything above a penny for a stick of gum, you hand it over. >> right. >> double jeopardy prevents him from -- i. know. just the -- i know, i know. >> can you imagine if that breaks when we are doing breaking news? it's going to be big.
9:27 am
i am watching "making a murderer." i don't know if you have seen it. >> i did, yeah. >> oh my goodness. all conspiracy. so interesting. my mind is highly tuned to charges we will follow that. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", the storms over the weekend changed the landscape of the sierra. next we'll get a report from luke canyon where there is still a winter storm warning in effect. what police are saying about the latest report of a sexual assault near the uc berkeley campus.
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checking twitter as we do this time every day, our question was a duel question, if you will. first of all, what do you think about the rain? we had a very rainy weekend. we are heading into more rain through the weekend. this weekend. what do you think about the rain? do you love it? do you hate it? and what's your favorite
9:30 am
cereal. kevin triplet writes, a, i have a roof leak so rain thumbs down. b, light creel i couldn't. rain is good, we need it and captain crunch all the way. >> rainy days and sundays don't get me down. >> brian stowe says crack lin oath bran. i don't think i have had that. >> it sounds good for you, doesn't it, though? >> better than fruit loops. >> or frosted flakes. >> i crew up with cheerios and spoon sized shredded wheat. coco crisp. >> that's a good one. >> i know. gert about that. >> drink that chocolate milk in the end there. let's get to it. the rain totals believe me, i tray to show as many as i can. i realize that sometimes i don't get all the areas. but i am trying to throw in
9:31 am
from north bay to the south bay. the intense rain was in the santa cruz mountains. that doesn't mean there wasn't as much where you live. there is shower activity, off and on rain. katrina in concord 2.41 for the weekend. other areas though had anywhere from 7 to 11 plus. happened includes boulder -- happened includes boulder creek. cobb mountain up in lake county, by the way, cobb reporting snow at this hour. snow on con ok that and cobb. reports around capitola of some minor flooding as well coming down from so-cal creek. cazadero 7.25. i know petaluma 5. la honda almost 6. calistoga 5 and a third. cupertino 2.80. other locations santa cruz
9:32 am
mountains again. sonoma 4.25. pleasanton 3.75. clayton, san ramon 3 and a half to three to four. it's chilly. it's a cool, cool air mass in place. you can see the low spinning right there. it's driving a lot of that moisture. so from about marin county now southward, that seems to be the main focus. bulk is staying offshore. there is enough to clip parts of the peninsula. also right over the san rafael bridge. that's a good cell right there. south we can find some hit and miss rain over the south bay and the peninsula on skyline and the santa cruz mountains. so that's adding to the mix. watch how it's starting to clear up in the north bay. that's a trend of thing to come later. the sierra nevada getting good show. shasta as well. there is going to be more rain. this time it likes the north bay will be in here. break on tuesday and wednesday. i got to be honest. very heavy rain coming in friday
9:33 am
over the weekend. we have a case to go. >> fantastic. i like it. more rain the better. >> nice having the break. the sierra did get hit pretty hard over the weekend leaving present of fresh snow behind. >> that's right. as brian hickey reports, it's great for the ski areas but tough on drivers. >> reporter: 25 inches of snow in a 12 hour period. that's why they have been here plowing, scraping, and in some cases grating the roadway trying get it back down to the asphalt after that snow accumulated in a short time in the sierra. some of the ski resorts reporting 2 feet of snow at the base elevations. waiting for totals the upper elevations. if you are coming into the surveillance today definitely want to be ready for -- into the sierra today definitely want to be ready for winter weather conditions. the snow continues to come down here in the sierra under this winter storm warning. here at blue canyon at 5,000
9:34 am
feet. take look at this. i came through on friday coming home from skiing. it was pouring rain here. this was all dirt and now 18 inches of snow here on the ground just at the 5,000 foot elevation. significant snow totals in a very short time. again the interstate has re-opened. still gonna need those chains or snow tires goat up over the sierra. they are going that you advise -- you add here to that 30-mile-per-hour speed limited going through the chain controlled areas to get yourself there safely and hopefully keep that roadway open in the sierra. brian hickey, west bay. if you snap a photo from the storm over the weekend share them on our ktvu facebook and instagram or theme using the hashtag #ktvu. download our app. search for ktvu in the app store. a red tag pacifica apartment building sitting on the edge anderson varejao cliff will be
9:35 am
torn down tomorrow. it's at 320 esplanade. a building next door has been torn down. crews will put up a fence and take out ab bess osu and lead. tomorrow morning work will begin to demolish the building. technicians will keep a close eye on the cliffside. >> if there is any movement of the bluff and he'll be able to warn us and make sure that the contractors, including the staff, are safe. >> according to "the chronicle," the city of pacifica filed a criminal complaint last year against the building's owner accusing him of neglect. he was put on probation for three years and later filed for bankruptcy protection. the demolition is estimated to cost $200,000. the city is picking up the tab, but hopes to eventually recover those costs from the owner. a third building owned by the same man was yellow tagged in january and may be the next building to be torn down. over to the east bay now where police are investigating another sexual assault that
9:36 am
happened near the uc berkeley campus over the weekend. >> we reported on similar attacks in recent weeks. ktvu's alary rasmus is outside the berkeley police department. >> reporter: we just got an update from berkeley police about five minutes ago. the public information officer here confirms there have been four sexual assaults that have happened in the south campus area. not on campus, but off campus. south of the campus in the span of less than month. and she says investigators are fairly confident that the same man may be behind all four attacks. now, here is a map of the four attacks we are talking about. the first sexual assault happened on february 11th near the intersection of haste and telegraph. then five days later on the same evening two of them happened. february 16. one at durant and ellsworth and another at benvenue and dwight. the most recent sexual assault just this past saturday annette that between dwight and park e early saturday morning between
9:37 am
midnight and 1 a.m. police say a man grabbed a 21-year-old woman from behind. the victim fought back. she fought back hard. she screamed and the man took off running down street. police hope anyone who heard that commotion will -- who may have seen the man running away will give police a call and help them with this investigation. over the weekend berkeley police released again this surveillance video of a possible suspect in all four cases. the video is captured after one of the february sexual assaults. so it's a few weeks old. but police again believe the man seen here may be connected to the sexual assault that happened most recently on saturday. now, the description of the suspects in these four cases vary somewhat. again police believe the same man is behind all of the attacks. >> one of the things that is very similar is the pattern of attack. so in each case our victims are walking alone, in darker areas,
9:38 am
you know, alone and then the, you know, the suspect's running up from behind them and basically, you know, grabbing them and then at that point knocking them to the ground or physically holding on to them. in each case re believe they are connected based on the pattern of attack and how he is approaching these women. >> reporter: now, the description that victim gave in the most recent sexual assault, the one that happened on saturday, she said was a man in his 20s, possibly early 30s. he had hair. he had kind of a scruffy look. unshaven. while it's not the most clear description, they hope by putting out that surveillance video someone will recognize that man or someone will have heard something that happened over the weekend and give them a call. >> allie, did the police department say anything about stepping up patrols, special foot patrols in those areas? >> reporter: well, they did say that any time anyone in that area or anyone to begin with
9:39 am
notices anything suspicious out of the ordinary, police are certainly aware that this has been a string of attacks and they want to get to the bottom of this. they said if anyone notices anything unusual, don't hesitate to give them a call. they put out the warning to the victims -- the victims are young women in their 20s. they should definitely avoid walking alone. these attacks have happened in the early/late evening. say between 9 and midnight. not during the overnight hours, but late enough to where if people are maybe thinking of heading out or going to a friend's house and they are by themselves, coming home from class, contact someone to help them, escort them where they are going to be safe. >> allie, thank you very much. back to breaking news we brought you a few minutes ago in castro valley. officers may have located the hit-and-run suspect. he may have been holed up in a storage shed near the area where a child was hit by a car. these are live pictures.
9:40 am
a number of highway patrol officers and vehicles on the scene. the hit-and-run happened 8:00 in castro valley on meadow view drive and marshall street. a child was rushed to the hospital. no word yet on how old the child is, if it's a little boy, a little girl, an older child. the driver left the car at the scene and was seen running away. we brought you pictures of the car slammed into a pole. at this point police say they may have found or cornered the suspect who is holed up in a storage area. we will stay on top of this story and bring you more developments as we get them. cal advance service is up and running after a man was hit and killed last night. caltrain officials say it happened around 8:00 near the santa claracation. investigators held the train for an hour while they looked into the fatality. so far no details on the victim's name or how he ended up on the tracks. there are now eight known cases of the zika virus in california and half of them are here in the bay area. experts say it's really just a matter of time before more
9:41 am
cases surface. that's why ucff is holding a symposium on the zika virus today. ktvu's tara moriarty live from the mission bay campus with more on what to expect. tara. >> reporter: well, although the risk of zika virus transmission is low here in the bay area, there are still people traveling to countries where mosquitoes are carrying the virus. that includes central and south america as well as the caribbean. the mosquito-borne virus can cause a rare birth defect that results in an abnormally small head and also an immune deficiency disorder. one of the bay area victims is a pregnant woman in napa county. so her baby is at risk. contra costa county has two reported cases. san francisco one. now, in this symposium today they will host medical experts from here, uc berkeley, uc davis, stanford as well as the california department of public health. they are going to be talking about the risks of transmission, mosquito control, and the safety of the blood supply as well as potential complications of infection. this virus is primarily
9:42 am
transmitted to people by mosquitoes which are not native to california, but one species has been known to carrie the virus. it's been found in san mateo and alameda counties. no known cases where mosquitoes have transmitted the cases in california. this is an all-day symposium. they will have a media briefing this afternoon. we will pass on any information we learn about the zika virus in our later broadcast. back you to. >> thank you. the nation is remembering former first lady nancy reagan today. she died yesterday at 94 years old due to heart failure. former president george w. bush says she was fiercely thrill her beloved husband and that devotion was matched only by her devotion to our country. many are paying their respects at the monument outside the ronald reagan presidential
9:43 am
library in simi valley. >> they were always holding hands and gazing adoringly into each other's eyes. now she is with him again. >> nancy reagan's funeral arrangements have not been finalized yet. she will be buried next to her husband at the presidential library. president obama and first lady michelle obama lease add statement saying, quote, nancy reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the white house. she was write, of course, but we had a head start because we were fortunate to benefit from her proud example and her warm and generous advice. california governor jerry brown says nancy reagan lived a remarkable life and will be remembered for strength and grace. on behalf of all california anniversary we extend our deepest condolence toss the reagan families. a spokesman for the jimmy carter says he doesn't need further cancer. he shared the news with people at his church where he teaches
9:44 am
sunday school. carter, who is 91, revealed last august he had been diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain. in december a scan found no sign of the cancer. his doctors will continue to perform those scans to ensure the cancer has not returned. the man considered to have invented e-mail as we know it today that is last died. ray tomlinson died on saturday at the age of 74 and several reports say he died from a heart attack. tomlinson is best known for coming one the idea for electronic messages and choosing at symbol in 1971 to connect users from person to person. before his invention, electronic messages could not be sent between people on the same network. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", do you hate the robo-calls? you're not alone. one lawmaker wants to make them a thing of the past. what he says could be a good solution. and banks want to use your cell phone to keep your account
9:45 am
safe. how would it work and what critics say is the downside. nside.
9:46 am
9:47 am
welcome back to "the 9". do you hate being enter rupped by robo-calls that seem to come at dinner table? one u.s. senator is calling on phone companies to provide blocking technology for those robo-calls. charles schumer says more than 800 robo-calls are made every second in the united states. last year moore than 3.5 million complained about them to the ftc. the blocking technology already exists and he wants all phone companies to make it available for land lines and cell phones. >> the bottom line is that if robo-calls were a disease,
9:48 am
they'd be a national epidemic. and we have the best and brightest to combat the scourge. so we've attacked the problem but have not eliminated them. >> senator schumer wants phone companies to let customers know about the blocking technology and he says he wants the fdc to pressure them into doing it and if all else fails he says he will introduce legislation complaints it. the legal fight between apple al the fbi over engines continues. they believe the encrypted iphone could help officials determine if there was a person involved involved in the shooting. they worry about that it may contain software that could affect county computers. the fbi wants apple to design software to unlock the phone so they can further investigate. apple says this would infringe on privacy rights of all toll plaza use senators amazon plans to resore an endescription feature on fire tablets. this comes after customers in
9:49 am
prysy advocates criticized the company for quitely removing the security option when it released the latest operating system. the company said they removed it because few customers use it. now they say it will be restored by the spring. cracking down on products. banks wanted you to use your cell phone to keep your accounts safe. >> pam cook on "the 9" to talk about how it works and the pros and cons of the idea. >> yes, there are pros and cons. the banks, visa and mastered card looking into tracking your cell phone location to fight fraud. one of the pros, the banks coo quickly determine a fraudulent charge it your card is used in one location and you and your phone are in another. one of cops, critics point our you are giving out more personal information. the "wall street journal" reports banks are looking into tracking customers' cell phone locations after a successful test program that could help save money for the banks, since they are typically responsible for reimbursing customers when a fraudulent charge goes through. visa also points out it could
9:50 am
reduce the number of declines that people get while traveling because the bank would be automatically updated on your current location. now, the paper also reports the u.s. bank corp will be one of the first banks use this on a large scale. discover and usaa are also looking into it. the "wall street journal" says tracking would be an opt-in service at first, but consumer advocates say read the small print. it will probably be in the customer agreement. >> who can read or understand that? >> you brought up something in the break about this. let's say someone else gets this information or someone wants to spy on the person on the credit card account? >> exactly. someone else could have your card or you want to know where your husband, wife, significant other -- i me en, it opens up a lot of possibilities of someone getting into your location. what else can they access on your phone? >> i know why they are doing this. credit card companies are on the hook for fraud. they pay for it.
9:51 am
they are just protecting their money, essentially. >> that's what they are trying do. yes. they are trying save themselves money. they are out a lot of money. i mean, millions of dollars. i don't know what the statistic are. but we are only liable usually for $50. sometimes nothing. so certainly the banks are losing a lot of money off of this. but there is some concern once you open up that door. >> we have all gotten that call. did you spend $80 at joe's crab shack? minnesota on sunday? >> right. >> what? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> thank you, pam. all right. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", it was showtime down at staples but it wasn't that warriors performing what high flying act. straight ahead, golden state looking to bounce back at oracle.
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caress presents the world's ♪ first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever. all right. police in redding are looking for a woman who led law enforcement on a high-speed chase in a minivan painted to look like the mystery machine from the scooby-doo cartoon. police were trying to arrest 51-year-old sharon kay turman for a probation violation when she drove off. the chase reached up to 100 miles an hour and there were several other close calls with drivers. she abandoned that van on highway 36 near red bluff and a helicopter lost sight of her. >> i just miss that had show in
9:55 am
my childhood. i have a faint awareness of it. >> shaggy? >> nope. >> i loved that show. >> i love that van. i am surprised there is a van out there still around looking like it. the warriors are back at home at oracle arena tonight after a loss to the second worst team to in the nba. the lakers beat them 112-95. it's the biggest ever between winning percentages. >> the warriors post the magic tonight and have a chance to break the chicago bulls' ford con segtive home wins at 45 games. it's obvious maybe they were flat yesterday or tired. a lot of turnovers. >> maybe not prepared? you know what? we have 55 wins. >> right. >> i am okay with it. >> yeah. the sky's not falling. >> no. denver broncos set to hold a news conference in ten minutes at quarterback peyton manning scheduled to announce his
9:56 am
retirement after 18 nfl seasons. to comes a month after winning super bowl 50. he spent 12 scenes with the colts. he is the only quarterback to win two super bowls with different teams. i remember hearing on the radio ride into work today, a quote from his high school coach saying he was one. most prepared high school athletes he had ever seen. not physically, but just mentally prepared for the game. that set the tone for the rest of his life. >> it's got to be tough. i am thinking he wants to go out on top. >> did he decide to retire the minute they won the super bowl or? >> he was asked that on live television. his response was i can't make that decision right now. >> do you think he knew? >> i think so. 50 wins. four division titles. two super bowl appearances. >> he is expected to talk the next few minutes. "frozen" will have a new home at disney frozen adventure
9:57 am
in anaheim. >> ♪ let it go . >> a show based on the hit movie is set to begin may 27. it will take over the spot of the aladdin musical performance at park. the new frozen is different from the planned broadway musical. disney is set to open in new york in 2018. mike and gasia will be standing at at this spot at noon. >> see you back here at noon. have a great day. stay dry. >> get a bowl of fruit loops. >> ♪ scooby-doo where are you i need some help from you now ♪.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." [ cheers and applause ] >> my girls are always turned out. take it straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: okay.


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